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Backup camera installation guide

Installation guide

We have all heard horror stories about people reversing over a pet, or even worse, a child. The truth is that rear view mirrors just don’t provide enough visibility of what is going on behind your car to avoid an accident. Most newer cars come with rear view cameras and now you can purchase and install your own to maximize driving safety.

Here’s how to install rear view camera:

1. Buy A Rear View Camera Kit. Most kits come ready with everything that you will need to install the camera as well as a handy instruction manual. You should not need to purchase any additional materials however you should read the box to ensure that the kit is all inclusive.

Alternatively, you can approach a local car mechanic or parts dealer to provide you with the best car rear view system for your make and model of car.… Read the rest

Car Rear View System

Rear View Camera System

If you want to be sure that you are able to keep your truck safe and make sure that you are not getting into accidents that are completely avoidable, it pays to outfit yourself with the tools that you need to help you out. If that is what you are looking for, there are some devices that can help you out. A car rear view system is the best possible tool that you can purchase in order to make sure that you have the ability to see behind you without having to crane your neck or physically look behind you.

This can actually be the difference between staying safe and getting into an accident. Our company can sell you one of these mirror cameras if that is what you are looking for.… Read the rest

Rear view camera installation on RV

Rear view camera RV installation

For that very large blind spot that exists on an RV, a rear view camera makes it much safer to backed one up.  Should you have a need to install one on your RV, the article below explains how to do it. If you are interested in a rear view camera for your vehicle click on the ad below or try this web site.

How to Install an RV Rearview Camera |

“RV’s depend on side mirrors to give drivers a view from the back of their vehicle. This makes it easy to misjudge distances and miss small obstacles. Backup cameras eliminate these problems, and they have a better field of view than rear view mirrors. Good backup cameras, with wide angle lenses of 100 degrees or more, and infrared led lights, can capture everything that’s going on behind you, day or night.… Read the rest

Rear view Camera on Inexpensive Cars

Inexpensive cars with rear view cameras installed

A rear view camera will not be required on all vehicles until the year 2018.  Most of the ones being installed today are on luxury vehicles.  However, there are some inexpensive car models that the rear view camera is being installed on.  I found this article below that points out some inexpensive autos that have them today. 10 Least Expensive Cars with a Rearview Camera | Auto …

“Car buyers with poor credit interested in the convenience of a rear view camera should check out these ten 2015 models


While most borrowers with bad credit will end up financing a used car, in many cases the option of financing a new car may also be offered. If this happens, careful consideration should be given to picking one of the more affordable models.… Read the rest

How to purchase a rear view camera on eBay

an image of rear%20view%20camera ng-Rear-View-Camera

   For those of you who feel comfortable shopping for an aftermarket rear view camera, you can  go to this website to choose among many offerings. They also have articles on how to select the best camera and how to install one. In addition they also offer an installation service. The article below published by eBay offers some tips on making the purchase at eBay.

How to Purchase a Rear View Camera | eBay

” If you are shopping for a rear view camera for your car, eBay is the perfect place to look. A search for ” rear view camera” will return thousands of results for you to sift through, with plentiful options available in both the “eBay Motors” department and the “Consumer Electronics” category.… Read the rest

What You Should Know Regarding a Rear view Camera


Have you ever before wished that you could have a better sight of what was behind you when you were backing up your car or various other vehicles? Almost every motor vehicle could have considerable unseen areas that make it tough for motorists to see when in reversing or car parking. Adding a rear view camera to your car could conveniently enhance your vision when backing or parking a car. So, will it be wrong to claim that a rear view camera happens to be an extra pair of eyes of the vehicle driver?

Aftermarket rear view cameras are different. If you’re interested in it, you could select the kind that you like from a vast variety of backup electronic cameras. However, just before you buy, discovering a lot more about the rear view camera most suitable for your vehicle is important.… Read the rest

Safe Driving: Rear View Cameras


Monitor:4.3 inch Digital TFT Screen, Aspect ratio:16:9, Resolution:480RGBX272 Pixels
Replacement Mirror or Clip-on
Two Video Inputs
Miniature Camera
Camera can mount as flushed keyhole mount or with bracket mount.


When autos were initially introduced in the market, seat belts weren’t even required. It’s difficult to believe individuals didn’t worry a lot concerning safety and security in their vehicles. Nowadays, you will be given a ticket if someone in your car isn’t wearing a seat belt.

A rear view camera system is not new technology. It has actually been around for a long time. Nonetheless, when data backup camera systems were initially produced, they were simply available in much more costly cars.… Read the rest

Tips: Rear View Cameras

The advice in this article will certainly supply you with some ideas about choosing a rear view camera system and also exactly what sort of design is suitable for your existing requirements.

an image of backup%20camera%20for%20truck Lexus backup camera system

A wired rear view system primarily consist of a screen, a video camera, wires, remote control and a power plug that generally fit in your vehicle lighter.

As for monitors, a TFT LCD monitor is a preferred option. TFT LCD is available in a wide-array of sizes like 2.5″, 3.5″, 5″ and 7″. Beside, there are also 5.6″ as well as 6″ LCD, yet they are not as popular as the other sizes. However, you will discover that the bigger screens function more effectively.

A good method to determine exactly what screen works best for you is to first consider where you’re going to install your display.… Read the rest

Rear view camera research

AAA studies have shown that a rear view camera goes a long way in eliminating blind spots behind your vehicle when backing up.  The camera improves visibility by substantial amounts as reported in the article below.

Study says rear view cameras worth the spec | Trucks at Work

“A new study recently completed by AAA (formerly known as the American Automobile Association) is extolling the virtues of rear view cameras, with the group’s research indicating that rear visibility improvements ranged from 36% in smaller sedans up to 75% for hatchback cars, with large trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) scoring in the mid-range of vehicles evaluated (roughly 39% in terms of rearward view improvement.)


AAA said it evaluated 17 vehicles across 11 manufacturers with factory-installed and aftermarket rear-view camera systems on a variety of vehicle body styles to measure the reduction in blind-zone areas as a direct result of using a rear-view camera system.”

by in Trucks at Work




Although only new cars come with rear view cameras installed, this does not stop you from installing an aftermarket camera on your car or truck.  … Read the rest

Rear view camera in a motorcycle helmet

Even motorcycles are getting in on the rear view camera act.  Go to this site to browse cameras that might suit your requirements. The article below illustrates a camera in the helmet of a motorcycle driver that shows what is in the rear of the cycle.

the good word groundswell: GPS, Rear-View Camera in Motorcycle Helmet

” According to Skully’s press materials, the display is not in the rider’s primary field of vision, and appears as if it were floating 6 meters ahead.

The helmet runs a modified version of the Android operating system, which comes loaded with navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. With the helmet paired to a smartphone through Bluetooth, the rider can use voice command to make phone calls and start music playback.
A heads-up display shows the rider turn-by-turn directions or the image from a rear-view camera.… Read the rest

Rear view camera safety features you shouldn’t skip

The article below refers to a mandate by the fereral government to madate rear view cameras in cars by 2012.  However, there has been modification to this mandate and now the year is 2018 that this mandate takes effect.

Car Safety Features You Shouldn’t Skip – The Allstate Blog

“A Rearview Camera Backing out of your driveway may not seem like a risky maneuver, but you might be surprised by the number of accidents that happen when a car is in reverse., a nonprofit child safety advocacy group, reports that more than 1,100 children died in back-over accidents between 1991 and 2012. The federal government recommends rearview cameras now, but there is no law requiring them. However, new vehicles like the Chrysler Town & Country, GMC Terrain, Honda Accord and Subaru Forester all come standard with a rearview camera”

Article from:


Although 2018 maybe a bit far away, you can install an aftermarket rear view camera on your vehicle to make your backing up safer.… Read the rest