How to purchase a rear view camera on eBay

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   For those of you who feel comfortable shopping for an aftermarket rear view camera, you can  go to this website to choose among many offerings. They also have articles on how to select the best camera and how to install one. In addition they also offer an installation service. The article below published by eBay offers some tips on making the purchase at eBay.

How to Purchase a Rear View Camera | eBay

If you are shopping for a rear view camera for your car, eBay is the perfect place to look. A search for ” rear view camera” will return thousands of results for you to sift through, with plentiful options available in both the “eBay Motors” department and the “Consumer Electronics” category. You can also search for ” back-up camera” to open up another set of results.”

There is quite a bit of knowledge required to adequately install an aftermarket rear view mirror on your vehicle.  The best alternative for many is to purchase a kit.  These kits contain almost everything you need for the installation including instruction guides.