Make a Coffee Cup Spy Camera


Spy camera technology today offers many inconspicuous ways to conceal a camera. If you are looking for a creative way to hide a spy camera, how about hiding it in a coffee cup.  This will be a very inconspicuous way of hiding a spy camera. You can even make one yourself.  The article below describes just how to do this. Check out the video above that also describes constructing a spy camera into a coffee cup design.

“The project is installed in one paper cup with some modifications to it: the top is trimmed off, and a hole is cut in the bottom for the camera’s lens to point out. This cup will then slip in to the other cup, which also has a hole cut in its bottom. With the two holes lined up, when you lift and tilt the coffee cup the LEDs will illuminate: one will turn on when the tilt switch is activated, and the other will flash twice after a picture has been taken. You can see the light from the LEDs through the plastic lid.

Depending on the model of TTL Serial camera you acquire, you will need to experiment with how to mount the camera inside the cup. Larger form factor cameras will likely not be able to point directly out the bottom of the cup, and instead the image will need to be ‘bounced’ using a reflective mirror tile. I have provided detailed shots below on how to make this happen. However smaller form factor cameras (whose PCB is smaller and which contain through-hole connections instead of extending leads) should be able to be installed in such a way that the lens points directly out of the cup’s spy hole. Keep in mind you need room for the Arduino and SD card shield, and other components..”

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Now how is that for creativity?  The article describes in detail how you might go about constructing a concealed spy camera in a coffee cup.  In case you don’t want to make one yourself one can be purchased by clicking on the ad below.


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