Rear view Camera on Inexpensive Cars

Inexpensive cars with rear view cameras installed

A rear view camera will not be required on all vehicles until the year 2018.  Most of the ones being installed today are on luxury vehicles.  However, there are some inexpensive car models that the rear view camera is being installed on.  I found this article below that points out some inexpensive autos that have them today.
10 Least Expensive Cars with a Rearview Camera | Auto …

“Car buyers with poor credit interested in the convenience of a rear view camera should check out these ten 2015 models


While most borrowers with bad credit will end up financing a used car, in many cases the option of financing a new car may also be offered. If this happens, careful consideration should be given to picking one of the more affordable models.

But just because a vehicle is affordable doesn’t mean at least one of the most recent, and popular, safety features needs to be sacrificed.

Starting with the 2018 model year, all new cars will be required to have rear view cameras. But with that deadline less than three years away, many manufactures are starting to offer this feature on some of their most affordable models – sometimes as standard equipment, as an option or as part of an option package.”

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If you are contemplating buying a car that already has a rear view camera, sometimes called a backup camera,  as opposed to installing an aftermarket model on your current vehicle, the article above may be  of some assistance to you.


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