Safe Driving: Rear View Cameras


Monitor:4.3 inch Digital TFT Screen, Aspect ratio:16:9, Resolution:480RGBX272 Pixels
Replacement Mirror or Clip-on
Two Video Inputs
Miniature Camera
Camera can mount as flushed keyhole mount or with bracket mount.


When autos were initially introduced in the market, seat belts weren’t even required. It’s difficult to believe individuals didn’t worry a lot concerning safety and security in their vehicles. Nowadays, you will be given a ticket if someone in your car isn’t wearing a seat belt.

A rear view camera system is not new technology. It has actually been around for a long time. Nonetheless, when data backup camera systems were initially produced, they were simply available in much more costly cars. Now it is considerably less complicated as well as less expensive to create them and they are offered in almost every motor vehicle. Nevertheless, a rear view camera system is still not a required feature today built right into every vehicle.

A terrific function that’s been appearing on lots of high-end vehicles are blind spot as well as crash warnings. The automobile will right away signal you of various other cars or items that are in your dead spot if you are attempting to transform lanes or to park. The system will either blink a light, cause the steering wheel or seat to vibrate, or sound an alarm to caution you. We all know just how unsafe the blind place can be as well as how there would be much less mishaps if every person could possibly afford this system in his or her car.


Technology is allowing much better safety systems. Based on an auto’s speed and also distance, these systems will caution you of any type of threat when altering lanes. It can even determine if you are twisting between lanes, such as when you have actually dropped off to sleep at the wheel. Some can identify if you are dropping off to sleep based on a change in pose and also head position. It can then decrease the car’s speed.

We are assured of much safer driving conditions with the advent of the rear view camera.