Spy cameras that spy on people

It is unbelievable what is possible through spy cameras. If people are not very careful in choosing their passwords, access to their cameras is accessible by anyone and can be placed on the Internet for  other people to view. This is terribly disturbing. This article that I found, describes a site that you can go to that utilizes this technology. There are many types of spy cameras that can be used very effectively and you can examine some of them here at this site.

This Terrifying Website Lets You Spy on People Through 73,000 Private Security Cameras – Mic

The news: How would you feel if you found out a live stream of your bedroom had been airing online for weeks?

The website Insecam is doing just that, streaming footage from approximately 73,000 Internet-connected IP cameras around the world. The majority appear to be from cameras running default security settings (like using “admin1” or “password” as a password).

There’s are streams from over 11,000 cameras in the United States alone, with tens of thousands of others from places like Brazil, Japan, and the Czech Republic. What’s more, it pairs the footage with Google Maps pinpointing the exact location the live streams are coming from.

In just a few minutes of browsing, users can find live footage from locations as varied as stores, parking lots and the interiors of countless private residences. One particularly unsettling feed appeared to be aimed at a bed.

It is pretty terrifying.”


By Tom McKay


This article illustrates how we can be taken advantage of if were not careful. Hidden cameras can be very beneficial in many circumstances. However, they pose a great deal of risk if we’re not careful. Password security is definitely no joke. Using them appropriately can spell the difference between safety, security or complete exposure to our homes and family.