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Rear view camera installation on RV

Rear view camera RV installation

For that very large blind spot that exists on an RV, a rear view camera makes it much safer to backed one up.  Should you have a need to install one on your RV, the article below explains how to do it. If you are interested in a rear view camera for your vehicle click on the ad below or try this web site.

How to Install an RV Rearview Camera | Trails.com

“RV’s depend on side mirrors to give drivers a view from the back of their vehicle. This makes it easy to misjudge distances and miss small obstacles. Backup cameras eliminate these problems, and they have a better field of view than rear view mirrors. Good backup cameras, with wide angle lenses of 100 degrees or more, and infrared led lights, can capture everything that’s going on behind you, day or night.… Read the rest

How to purchase a rear view camera on eBay

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   For those of you who feel comfortable shopping for an aftermarket rear view camera, you can  go to this website to choose among many offerings. They also have articles on how to select the best camera and how to install one. In addition they also offer an installation service. The article below published by eBay offers some tips on making the purchase at eBay.

How to Purchase a Rear View Camera | eBay

” If you are shopping for a rear view camera for your car, eBay is the perfect place to look. A search for ” rear view camera” will return thousands of results for you to sift through, with plentiful options available in both the “eBay Motors” department and the “Consumer Electronics” category.… Read the rest

Rear view camera research

AAA studies have shown that a rear view camera goes a long way in eliminating blind spots behind your vehicle when backing up.  The camera improves visibility by substantial amounts as reported in the article below.

Study says rear view cameras worth the spec | Trucks at Work

“A new study recently completed by AAA (formerly known as the American Automobile Association) is extolling the virtues of rear view cameras, with the group’s research indicating that rear visibility improvements ranged from 36% in smaller sedans up to 75% for hatchback cars, with large trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) scoring in the mid-range of vehicles evaluated (roughly 39% in terms of rearward view improvement.)


AAA said it evaluated 17 vehicles across 11 manufacturers with factory-installed and aftermarket rear-view camera systems on a variety of vehicle body styles to measure the reduction in blind-zone areas as a direct result of using a rear-view camera system.” http://fleetowner.com/blog/study-says-rear-view-cameras-worth-spec

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Although only new cars come with rear view cameras installed, this does not stop you from installing an aftermarket camera on your car or truck.  … Read the rest