Want to make money with your Drone

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How to make money with your drone

One of the most exciting things about using a drone for aerial photography is the fact that it can be used to make money. There are many opportunities to  use your drone commercially. It would be wise to make sure you are following the law in your particular region because sometimes there are legal license requirements that you must adhere to. The article below discusses some of these exciting ways to make money with your drone.

Here's how to make money with your drone • Full Drone

"Here’s how to make money with your drone

Here are just a handful of ideas on how to make money with your drone to help you get started. From beginner to professional there are numerous opportunities out there for any pilot. Anyone seeking to use a drone for business purposes in the USA will need to receive a Section 333 exemption from the FAA.

Aerial Inspections

Many drone pilots are already offering aerial inspection services around the world. These range from cell towers to bridges and even gas pipelines. The bottom line is this: Drones give you the chance to reach places that might traditionally be pretty dangerous for a crew of inspectors.

But as well as being safer, drones armed with high definition cameras can often complete the job a whole lot quicker, too. Just think how much pipeline can be covered by a drone compared to a man, or how quickly a drone can reach the top of a cell tower.

Inspections of various structures are expected to be among the most lucrative opportunities for commercial pilots, so why not get your license, FAA approval and get involved?

Companies like Sky Futures offer inspection services for certain industries, such as Oil & Gas. They combine drone services with cloud software, allowing clients to access, analyse, host and share all of the information gathered during a flight.

Earning potential: $200/hr"

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